Did you know that one-third of the homeless are veterans?  Did you know that there are 400,000 homeless veterans on the streets tonight? "A disgrace," says former Secretary of Veterans Affairs, Jesse Brown, "That we have men and women who served in American uniform who are out on the mean streets with no place to go and few prospects for a better life."

Homeless Veteran

Veterans are homeless for the same reasons that others are
homeless, plus an additional few: the casualties of war, a reduction in educational benefits, physical and mental ailments, drug and alcohol abuse problems, and war related mental illnesses, such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), all contribute to the tremendous number of our nation's veterans who are homeless right now.

The Benefit Network has set up a fund to support Homeless American Vets through donations raised in conjunction with our "Real American" CD release.  Proceeds from the CD will go into our Real American Fund to be dispersed to Homeless Vets in the cities where it is needed most.

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